Frequently Asked Questions

The information on this website is intended to supply general information for guidance purposes only.

Further details of our services are available on request.

Q. Everything seems very straight forward – is there anything that may not go to plan?

The majority of orders are delivered without any problem. Providing there are no payment problems and we have signed terms and conditions then everything should go smoothly.

Q. Do you always have stock?

We have many years’ experience in sourcing and supplying shipping containers and we work with many partners to ensure we can meet orders.  Just occasionally we can’t source a particular container in a certain place but we will do everything in our powers to make sure we fulfil an order; it will be extremely rare if we don’t.

Q. Can the containers be locked?

All containers can be locked by inserting a padlock through the customs seal holes in the door handles.  We can supply secure locks and, if required weld on steel locking boxes and we are happy to quote for this as an extra.

Q. What happens if there is a problem with a container?

We value your business and we have a good reputation for following up the small number of occasions when there has been a problem.  Please give us a call straight away (if possible before the vehicle has left).  If a repair is required we will get this done and in extreme occasions we will exchange the container but we must emphasise that we reserve the right in the first instance to make repairs as exchange is costly.

Q. What is your track record on supplying containers?

ContainersNow is a recent initiative aimed at customers who want a straight forward supply of a standard container.  We have sister businesses who have a high reputation in supplying shipping containers to thousands of customers for many years and we can rely on the reputation of these businesses to fulfil orders with ContainersNow.  Our sister businesses are Parsons Containers Ltd. and ContainerContainer.

Q. What is the general condition of your containers?

New containers are just that – New!  Having said that, 20ft and 40ft new containers are Chinese built and arrive in the UK with a cargo (this is effectively a subsidy which enables the prices to be kept low) and hence new containers are often referred to as ‘one trip’ containers.  All arriving containers are checked and we will not supply any which have been damaged during shipping unless we agree a discount.  However some may have marks such as tyre marks from a forklift truck or external marks from handling by dock cranes.  New containers that have conveyed a cargo are sometimes known as ‘single trip’ containers. Small containers supplied direct from Europe have not carried a cargo.

Used containers are checked for condition prior to delivery and we have a high reputation for supplying good quality used containers.  There will inevitably be some dents or marks and the inside will look used but all units will be sound and weatherproof and the doors will be in good order.

Q. What happens if there is a problem with delivery?

It is your own responsibility to ensure that there is access for a container and the site is suitable.  We cannot refund the delivery charge for a failed delivery.  Please ensure that the space for the container is suitable, there is access for a the delivery vehicle and the ground of the approach to the site is suitable for the vehicle to cross.  Be aware that the delivery vehicle will need to use a crane so check for overhead cables.  Check also that there are no tight corners or weak ground such as manhole covers.  Call us on 01740 62 99 99 for further advice if required.