How To Buy

Find your desired container size

20ft x 8ft is the most common size supplied but there is a wide range of sizes available and it’s worth taking a look at the Container Sizes page which will guide you on things like cubic capacity, square footage and through-the-door dimensions. A 20ft x 8ft is about the size of a domestic garage and a 40ft x 8ft is great value for money whereas a 6ft x 6ft or 8ft x 7ft can fit just nicely into a tight area.

Choose your location

We’ve linked cities and towns with the locations of depots from which we’ll deliver to provide a comprehensive list of options.  Scroll down to find your location and we’ll provide you with a delivered price.

We’ve a lot of experience delivering all over the UK so we’re pretty sure you’ll find your location but if not please let us know via the Contact Us Page and we’ll get back to you as well as updating our database.

Purchase online

Once you’ve selected your size and location simply click on the Buy Now icon and your purchase will take you through to your basket where you can complete your secure on-line purchase.  It’s as straight-forward as that.